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Wooden Wicks

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Price: $3.95

These new "Soft Wood Series" wooden wicks are very easy to use and will truly enhance your candle line. The wicks come with the custom tabs. Tab the wicks prior to placing in wax. Melt wax and pour into container.

The amount of crackle directly relates to the amount of color and fragrance that is added to the candle. Experience does show the higher the fragrance load the more crackle. Let wax start to get slushy (solidify on the bottom) center wick into wax. That's it!

Note: Let the candles set overnight to cure the wick before burning. When lighting candle for the first time, light the wick where the wax meets the wick (not at the top of the wick.)

Treated with a clean, patented burning agent to give you the ultimate performance in an all-natural wooden wick.

Perfect in soy wax. Also recommended for use with gel wax, vegetable wax and most paraffin.

There are 4 sizes available and the proper one will depend on your wick wax, color/fragrance and diameter of the container.

Select size from the drop down menu.

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