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Candle Wick (8 oz spools)

Square Braid # 3 pictured
Square Braid # 3 picturedSquare Braid # 3 pictured

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Price: $19.95
8 oz spool of wick.  

Square Braid:  This wick was originally designed for beeswax candles but can be used in other types of wax.  Its open construction and special treatment makes square braid a good selection for viscous material (beeswax & vegetable waxes). Square braid wick is designed to give you a curl when it is burned to minimize carbon buildup. This wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers with a chemical treatment.

Cotton core:  This wick is for applications such as votives, pillars & containers. Cotton core wicks produces the hottest flame of all the cored wicks and will help maintain carbon buildup. These wicks are constructed of 100% natural fibers.

For Beeswax Candles
Candle Type/Diameter & Wick Size

Tea Lights: Square Braid #4/0
Rolled Candles (taper size: 2 candles/sheet): Square Braid #4/0
1/2"-7/8" Diameter: Square Braid #3/0
7/8": Square Braid #2/0
7/8"-1": Square Braid #1/0
1"-1.5": Square Braid #1
1.5"-2" Square Braid #2
2"-2.5" Square Braid #3
2.5"-2.8" Square Braid #4
2.8" Square Braid #5
2.8"-3.2" Square Braid #6
4"-4.5" Square Braid #10

For Soy Wax Candles
Candle Type/Diameter & Wick Size

Tea Lights, Small Votives: Extra Small Cotton Core (28-24 Special Cotton)

<2": Small Cotton Core (34-40 Regular Cotton) or Square Braid #1/0

2"-3": Medium Cotton Core (44-20-18 Cotton) or Square Braid # 3

3"-4": Large Cotton Core (51-32-18 Cotton) or Square Braid #5

* Note: Selecting the right wick is one of the more challenging aspects of candle making.  This chart is meant to be a guideline only, based on the wick manufacturer's guidance and our own experience.  If you're making a lot of candles, we recommend making a test candle first to make sure the correct wick was selected and the candle will burn properly.    If made properly, a candle will meet the following criteria: 1)Consistent flame size, 2) Good relationship between the candle diameter and flame size, 3) Well-formed wax pool, 4) Candle burns with minimal smoke, 5) Minimal wick blooming or "mushrooming" while burning, 6) Minimal dripping. 

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