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Vivaldi Board: 8 or 10 Frame

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Price: $25.00
Usable through all four seasons to manage the hive environment and as a dry feeder, this product has great flexibility.  In the hot summer days, it provides outstanding cooling with its screened vent holes.  In Spring and Autumn, the same vent holes reduce moisture.  In winter, you can fill the cover with burlap sack.  The sack is a great thermal insulator and will also wick up some of the hive moisture generated by the bees.  The venting holes in the Vivaldi board provide air to draw moisture from the sack. If the moisture is high, the burlap sack will need to be replaced occasionally.
The center ventilation hole, also provides great access to the inside of the hive, making it an excellent dry feeder for products like Drivert sugar, pollen powder, and super fine sugar. 

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