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Multi-Use Straining System

Price: $145.00
Item Number: 295

This unit will do it all for you and at a good price.  It is an uncapping bench.  You can uncap directly into it and you can store your extracted frames in it until needed.  Drain honey from the comb in it and the tightly fitting lid keeps contamination away from draining honey and comb.  Should you produce chunk honey the perforated Stainless Steel screen (CAUTION may have sharp edges) is the perfect place to cut and drain cut comb honey.  Bottle directly from it easily with the 1 1/2" honey gate and with the addition of the filter (sold separately) you can bottle sparkling honey.

The two tubs are food grade commercial plastic and are 23-1/2" long by 19-1/2" wide by 9-3/4" deep.  Our unit is the largest available and will nest for easy storage.  The bottom of the top tank is cut out, leaving a platform upon which rests a perforated stainless steel screen.  There is a crossbar for you to uncap on. 

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