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Soothing Salve, 2 oz

Price: $12.75
Item Number: MG120

Use Mickelberry Gardens Soothing Salve liberally to soothe and soften the skin. This healing herbal salve is made with beeswax produced from our organic apiary. Soothing Salve also contains organic olive oil and shea butter, well-known deeply skin nourishing treatments.

Our salve contains 7 different skin soothing, antiseptic, and healing organic herbs that promote cell regeneration and improve the skin’s ability to heal itself: calendula, plantain, lavender, western red cedar, St. John’s wort, rosemary, and comfrey leaf. The dried herbs are individually infused into olive oil to deliver their healing powers to your skin.

Our salve contains no added fragrance, and is very gentle. Use it to soothe dry and cracked skin, scrapes, rashes, burns, bruises, and itchy bug bites. It also works well as an all-natural hair product. Safe for all ages.


Pure Oregon beeswax, fair trade shea butter*, olive oil*, calendula*, plantain*, lavender*, Western red cedar*, St. John’s wort*, rosemary*, comfrey leaf*, vitamin E, and rosemary extract*.

*Indicates organically cultivated.

Beeswax is both soothing and protective to the skin. Our beeswax provides a fabulous texture and delicate fragrance. Beeswax has been trusted for centuries to work in concert with herbs and high-quality oils to nourish and heal the skin and hair.

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