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Slatted Rack: 8, 9 or 10 Frame

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Slatted Rack:
Price: $19.50

When we first designed our Slatted Rack, we modeled it after Dr. C.C. Miller's design. We have now improved it to be used effectively with anIPM Screened Bottom Board. The slats run parallel to the frames so varroa mites fall straight down through the screen. Slatted racks help the colony with ventilation chores. Less comb gnawing, more brood nest and straight comb-pulling are attributed to this version of Dr. C.C. Miller's favorite invention. Our rack is placed over the bottom board and left on year round. ASSEMBLED

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8 Frame (fits 8 Frame hive) 

9 or 10 Frame (fits standard 10 Frame hive)

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