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Ruhl Bee Long Hive

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Price: From $225.00 to $295.00

Ruhl Bee Supply is introducing our new Long Hive! 

►Includes 1 Follower Board, 2 Inner Covers

Eliminates Heavy Lifting once installed

           -All frame manipulation done at bench height

           -No need to lift hive boxes to work your hive

Complete visual access for hive top inspections

-Just lift lid to see all the frames

-Assess hive population at a glance

Complete Compatibility with Lanstroth hives

-Accepts Langstroth frames & equipment

Use as Langstroth or Top Bar Hive

-Horizontal format enables Kenya style or Langstroth beekeeping.

Run as a single colony or multiple colonies

-Divider board provides flexibility

Perfect for Rooftop Beekeeping

          -Low profile for less wind exposure

           -More stable than multi-storey hive

Perfect for Urban Beekeeping

          -Low profile does not panic neighbors

-Easily blends into your landscape (put plants on top)

Double Side Walls

-Provides great strength and greater thermal mass

Side accessed Mite Trays

- Allows backing a hive against a wall

-Convenient access for palletized hives

Great Overwintering

-Single storey lets you insulate either side of

colonies using divider boards, heat is shared.








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