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Queen Rearing Essentials

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In this post-varroa, post-Colony Collapse Syndrome era, beekeepers everywhere are developing localized, mite-resistant bee stocks. Key to this is their ability to raise queen cells and queens. Bee Culture/American Bee Journal author Larry Connor describes a very successful queen rearing method using Starter and Finisher colonies. Connor also wrote Increase Essentials and Bee Sex Essentials.

The book is organized as follows: Queen and Colony Evaluation, Queen Marking and Clipping, Biology of Cell Production, Cell Starting, Making Queen Cells, Cell Development, Cell Finishing, Drone Production, Nucleus Production/Cells, Evaluating New Queens, and Cells and Queens Only — A look at a large-scale queen operation.

“Detailed and practical manual” A “must-have for every beekeeper” filled with “astounding photographs.”

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