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Queen Condo

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The decrease in commercial queen breeders is getting a lot of attention at beekeeper meetings.  Fewer breeders means less genetic diversity, and genetic diversity is key to long term survival of the honey bee.   Small scale beekeepers can help by starting their own queen breeding program.  You don't have to bee skilled in grafting.  Armed with the Queen Condo plus a little knowledge, you can keep three spare queens on hand for your apiary, and you can help fix the diversity problem. 
The Queen Condo is essentially a triplex for queens.  Each apartment is separated by a wood follower board, and provides a separate entrance plus double-screened vent hole for each queen and her starter colony of up to three combs per apartment.   If you have not raised queens before, it is a fascinating part of beekeeping, and will greatly increase your understanding of bee behavior.  Take a look at our book section for a couple of excellent books on this topic. 
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