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PNW Hive Kit (Staff Pick!)

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Price: From $190.00 to $240.00
This is the package containing the minimum equipment recommended by our instructor for all first-year beekeepers. Best to get both your hive boxes and at least one of three medium honey supers ready to go before you get your bees, so  you're not caught off guard when your bees explode in population!

This kit includes:
(1)   Premium Screened Bottom Board with Sloped Entrance
(1)   Entrance Reducer
(2)   Unassembled Hive Boxes
(20) Unassembled Deep Frames
(20) Deep Plastic Insert Foundation
(1)   Unassembled Medium Honey Super
(10) Unassembled Medium Frames
(10) Medium Plastic Insert Foundation
(1)   Standard Inner Cover
(1)   Metal/Wood Telescoping Cover

Be sure to pick out your protective clothing, feeder, queen excluder and hive tools (sold separately).
Your second year, you'll want to add another 2 medium supers (with frames & foundation)...or get it all now, and get all your painting over with!

Want your frames and boxes assembled? We can do that.  Assembled version of PNW KIT is available to select in the drop down menu.

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