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PNW Hive Kit w/ English Garden Cover (Steel or Copper)

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Price: From $232.00 to $312.00

This is identical to the PNW Kit above, but has our premium English Garden Cover.  This cover is more than a beautiful addition to your garden. It provides excellent hive ventilation to reduce in-hive moisture build-up so prevalent in the Northwest. Its pitched roof and generous eaves maximize external protection from rain and snow, especially over the front entrance.  Garden Cover is available in two styles: Powder Coated Steel or Copper.  *Garden covers may have some minor scratches/blemishes.


This kit includes:
1  Premium Screened Bottom Board with Sloped Entrance
1  Entrance Reducer
2  Unassembled Hive Boxes
20 Unassembled Deep Frames
20 Deep Plastic Insert Foundation
1 Unassembled Medium Honey Super
10 Unassembled Medium Frames
10 Medium Plastic Insert Foundation
1 Standard Inner Cover
1  English Garden Cover

*Kits come unassembled.  Assembled version is available to select from the drop down menu.

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