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The Orchard Mason Bee

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This primer on the Orchard Mason Bee, by Brian Griffin, has become a definitive text on this native pollinator.  Highly recommended.
Here is all the information you will need to capture and raise these docile bees at home:
Grow apples, pears, and other crops successfully with  these highly efficient pollinators.
Learn the fascinating life history of this mild-mannered bee.  Watch as its life cycle unfolds in your own bee colony.
Educational, a wonderful activity to introduce children to the marvels of the natural world.
Non-aggressive, beneficial bees that everyone can propagate at home.
"Congratulations!  I found your book on the Orchard Mason Bee fascinating.  It is engrossing, scholarly, and well written in an informal, conversational style which holds the interest of non-scientists such as myself.  I read every owrd."  -  Ruth Miller, Master Gardener
"Enjoyable reading.  An excellent source for any gardener, ochardist, or observer of natural wonders.  A real winner!"  -  George Kaas, Gardening editor, Bellingham Herald
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