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2015 Nucleus Hive (Italian or Carniolan)

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Bee Variety:
Price: $122.00

Nucleus Hive = $122

Wooden Nuc Box = $36 Deposit, fully refundable if returned in good condition. (Please see "related products" below and add the box deposit to your order).  

Nuc hives consist of 4 deep frames of bees/brood including a young mated queen,  plus a frame feeder inside a wooden nuc box. Frames will fit in a standard 9 5/8" Deep Hive Body.   The nucs are available with either an Italian or Carniolan queen.  Please select preference from the drop down menu.

Nucs are available starting April through early May.  We will contact you at least one week in advance to notify you of your pick up date.  Pick up dates are always scheduled on weekdays and the bees must be picked up on the assigned pick up date (preferably in the morning, which is best for the bees).  If it's a warm day, it will be crucial to pick the bees up early to prevent overheating.

In-store pick up only

**Cancellation Policy: Orders may be cancelled prior to March 17th, 2015 and refunded minus a cancellation fee of $9.95. After March 17th, orders are final and not eligible for a refund.

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