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Nozevit Plus: 50 ml

Price: $27.95
Item Number: NOZ50

Nozevit Plus incorporates the original highly popular Nozevit product and adds additional whole plant polyphenols aimed at the longer term health of the honey bee while still maintaining the same application rate and methodology and remaining very economical to use.

Nozevit Plus is comprised of whole plant polyphenols obtained through a proprietary extraction process with zero synthetic, animal, or petroleum elements involved. Nozevit Plus has the added benefit of having all its ingredients “Q.A.L.” Certified Organic.

The original Nozevit has always been an all natural whole plant polyphenol honey bee food supplement intended to help maintain honey bee intestinal integrity and promote a vibrant and productive honey bee colony. The new Nozevit Plus is also your partner in helping to promote and maintain the intestinal integrity of the honey bee along with the long term health and vitality of your bees.

Nozevit Plus is composed of multiple whole plant sources which contain rich plant polyphenols along with vitamins and minerals that have been shown to be advantageous to the health and vitality of the honey bee. Rather than trying to combine various synthetic man made compounds to create a “chemical cocktail” aimed at “nuking” internal and external pathogens and parasites, Nozevit Plus is designed to work synergistically with the honey bee in a natural way to promote long term health and vitality.

50ml bottle (feeds 50 hives one time each at recommended rate of 1ml per feeding mixed in 1/3 quart thin syrup

Application Recommendations:

Basic Hive Maintenance:

Mix 1ml (1/5 teaspoon) Nozevit Plus in 10 oz. sugar syrup and apply by spray or drench method directly on top of frames in hive and repeat feeding 10 days later. Feed Nozevit Plus in syrup solution in early Spring, during Summer Dearth in dryer climates, and in late Autumn prior to winter. A small 50ml (1.7 oz.) bottle goes a long way, mixing with up to 4 gallons of light syrup. This is the minimum recommendation for basic hive maintenance. You can mix heavier concentration and apply 4 times 4 days apart depending on hive and environmental conditions. Some beekeepers use up to 12ml (2 ½ teaspoon) per gallon syrup in hive feeder applications with great results 


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