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Mason Bee Cocoons (40 Count)

Price: $47.00
Item Number: ROMB-40
Backyard Package
40 Mason Bee Cocoons (16 Female, 24 Male)
Mason bees are native to the US and are a great way to pollinate your backyard or small orchard. Of course, they produce no honey, pollen or beeswax, so they are simpler to manage than honey bees. 
Our mason bees cocoons are taken through a quality process that is impossible to achieve with off-the-shelf mason bees.  Our mason bees are carefully removed from the mason bee tube, then pre-sorted for viability and cleaned to eliminate mites. They are then counted and installed in a small cardboard box for cold storage, with a guaranteed ratio of 4 Female : 6 Male beesPlace bees in refrigerator as soon as they arrive to keep them dormant. When you are ready to install your bees in Spring, just poke a 5/16th inch hole in the box to allow the bees to emerge, and place the box in the bee house. 

Mason Bee Cocoons are a "Ship at your own risk" item.  As the weather warms up in the spring, there is a greater risk that the bees could emerge during shipment.  We recommend upgrading to 1st or 2nd Day Air shipping if you are east of the Rockies.

A cold pack is highly recommended if shipping outside the Pacific Northwest.

Mason Bee orders will be shipped at the beginning of each week(Mon-Tues only) via UPS or USPS.

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