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Love Your Lips Lip Balm (Plain or Tinted)

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Price: From $3.75 to $4.00

Love Your Lips balm contains Oregon beeswax and a blend of 5 different nourishing and organic oils: grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, rosehip seed oil, and Vitamin E oil. Calendula blossoms are included for their gentle skin toning properties. This wonderful lip balm is deeply moisturizing, and absorbs without feeling greasy.

We now have a tinted Love Your Lips Balm available! This lovely berry-colored balm is tinted with Alkanet Root. (Select from the drop down menu)

Show your lips you love them and slather them with our silky smooth, all-natural balm!

Beeswax is both soothing and protective to the skin. The beeswax we use in our skin care products is nearly exclusively from capped honey. It is very light in color and provides a fabulous texture and delicate fragrance. Beeswax has been trusted for centuries to work in concert with herbs and high-quality oils to nourish and heal the skin and hair. Our beeswax comes from our own organic apiary, and from Pacific Northwest beekeepers who do not use miticides or other chemicals on their bees, and limit the bees’ exposure to pesticides to the best of their ability.

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