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Kenyan Top Bar Hive

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Kenya Hive:
Price: From $195.00 to $245.00
The Kenya Hive measures 45" long, 17" wide and 13" high.  It has 28 top bars and 1 follower board.  Each top bar has a starter slat with beeswax beading for the bees to start building comb.  A key benefit of Kenya hives is they do not require heavy lifting.  The lid is marine ply wood to keep it super light.  The Western pine body is jointed with exterior grade carpenter glue, and stapled for good measure.
Update March 2013: The lid has been improved.  It's made of marine ply wood and topped with Galvanized Steel (not yet pictured).
Upgrade Options: Select from the drop down menu.
-Add a Viewing Window so you can check in on your bees without even opening the lid.  ($50  upgrade).

**shipping costs may vary from what the online store projects.  We will contact you if the actual shipping cost is higher. 
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