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Honey Propolis Tincture: 1 oz

Price: $13.95
Item Number: MG116
Honey Propolis Tincture can be used both externally and internally.

For external use, use enough of the tincture to lightly cover the affected area, and then cover with a bandage (it will be sticky, and may stain). Repeated applications may be necessary.

For internal use, put a few drops directly on your tongue towards the back of your mouth and swallow. The tincture can also be used inside the mouth, in these cases put a drop or two directly on the affected area as often as needed. Suggested dose is 2-10 drops, 1-3x per day.

Ingredients: 100% Pacific Northwest propolis, raw Pacific Northwest honey, and grain alcohol. The propolis extract is 33.3% strength.

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