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Honey Propolis Throat Spray, 2 oz

Price: $10.95
Item Number: MG110

This delicious throat spray is designed to soothe and tone your throat tissues! This is an excellent product for people who frequently suffer from sore throats. Smokers can also benefit from a daily spritz. People who spend lots of time talking, singing, or otherwise using their vocal chords will also enjoy rejuvenating their throats with our spray.

Mickelberry Gardens Honey Propolis Throat Spray is raw, vitamin rich, antimicrobial, and enzymatically active.

This spray contains propolis, which works it’s antiseptic magic to keep your throat strong and healthy.

Our throat spray comes in a glass bottle, and is the perfect size for carrying with you to use as needed.

Ingredients: Pacific Northwest raw honey, organic raw apple cider vinegar, sage, echinacea, rose hips, Oregon propolis, less than .02% alcohol.

Raw Honey is antiseptic and anti-microbial, and soothing to throat tissues.

The honey used in our products comes from our own organic apiary, harvested with the honeybee’s well-being in mind. We also source Pacific Northwest raw honey from beekeepers who do not use miticides or other chemicals on the bees, and limit the bees’ exposure to pesticides to the best of their ability.

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is renowned for it’s beneficial healing properties. Hippocrates promoted using vinegar mixed with honey as both an energizing tonic and a healing elixir. Raw organic cider vinegar retains all the nutritional goodness of the apples from which it was made, and it is rich with potassium and enzymes produced during fermentation. Raw apple cider vinegar supports a healthy immune system, promotes digestion, and soothes a sore throat.

Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a wonderfully aromatic plant that is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Sage leaves are a useful treatment for sore throat.

Rose hips (Rosa canina and other related species) is the fruit of the rose plant. It is one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin C, containing more than almost any other herbs and many times the amount found in citrus fruit. Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant with disease-fighting abilities.

Echinacea (echinacea purpurea) is an immune-boosting herb, and probably the most famous immunotonic.

Echinacea has become so well known for it’s healing powers that over-harvesting has become a serious issue for the continued survival of this plant in the wild. We use only organically cultivated echinacea to reduce pressure on wild plant populations.

Propolis is a sticky, resinous substance the worker bees collect from trees, leaves, and various other plant resins. Honeybees use propolis to both seal and sterilize the hive. The bees also use propolis as their medicine: it works to help keep viral, bacterial, and fungal infections from spreading inside the hive. It is strongly anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, and contains many anti-oxidants. Propolis is a common remedy for sore throats.

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