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Essential Oil:
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Essential Oils are naturally derived from plants and have a multitude of uses.  They are a wonderful way to add fragrance to your home made candles, soap and other skin care items.  Essential oils have been used in Aromatherapy for centuries and are widely known for having healing properties.  These oils are highly concentrated.  1 oz of essential oil will scent approximately 8 pounds of wax or soap. 

Essential Oils available include:
Bergamot  (new!)
Bergamot- Mint (Oregon)
Cedarwood (new!)
Cinnamon Leaf
Clary Sage
Clove Bud
Lavender (Oregon)
Litsea (new!)
Palmarosa (new!)
Peppermint (Oregon)
Pink Grapefruit
Rosewood (new!)
Spearmint (Pacific Northwest)
Sweet Orange
Tea Tree
White Grapefruit

**Special Note: Some of these oils are gaining popularity as a natural method of feeding and medicating honeybees.  The following are suitable to use in the hive to promote honey bee health (lemongrass, spearmint, peppermint & wintergreen) and as a natural treatment for mite control (thyme and eucalyptus).  For more information about using these oils in beekeeping, consult with RBS staff. 
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