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English Garden Cover: Steel

Price: $65.00
Item Number: GCM
Beautifully crafted, this garden hive cover provides excellent moisture protection on the exterior of the hive combined with interior moisture management. The eaves of the cover shed water away from the hive exterior, while the screened vents through the ceiling and through the cavity of the roof reduce interior moisture.  The cover also provides additional interior venting that can be adjusted throughout the seasons.  
To extend the life of the cover, the metal roof is glued to the plywood decking with a proprietary technique that allows additional air flow under the metal to reduce moisture build up on the roof decking. The metal is galvanized steel painted with an enamel primer. Will not rust.  
The interior has a 3/4" ledge that, when combined with an inner cover enables dry feeding with products like pollen substitute powder and Drivert sugar.  
All joints are glued with exterior wood glue and brad nailed.
*Garden covers may have some minor scratches/blemishes.
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