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Duragilt Foundation (8-1/2", 5-5/8" & 4-3/4")

Deep 8-1/2" Duragilt for 9-1/8" Frames
Deep 8-1/2" Duragilt for 9-1/8" FramesMedium 5-5/8" Duragilt for 6-1/4" FramesShallow 4-3/4" Duragilt for 5-3/8" Frames

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Duragilt Foundation for Deep (9-1/8"), Medium (6-1/4")  & Shallow (5-3/8") Frames  Works best with frames with grooved bottom bars.

A tough inner core of plastic is coated on both sides with pure beeswax, bonded through the plastic base from side to side, and then precision milled with the imprint of worker-sized cells. Duragilt is then further reinforced with metal edges that extend up into the top bar of the frame as well as down into the groove of the bottom bar.  

Absolutely no cross wiring or embedding is needed and support pins can't be used. 

Please Note: We are constantly rotating our wax foundation to ensure you get the best quality and the freshest wax. We think this is important. As a result we cannot accept any returns on foundation beyond 30 days.

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