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Double Screen

Price: $18.95
Item Number: 694
The double screen is one of the most versatile and useful products a beekeeper can have.  It has two screens with a spacer between them.  The screen may have entrances on any of its four sides. Some of the applications of this flexible product are:
1. When you are transporting bees, strapping the screen to the top will allow you to block the front entrance without fear of causing the hive to overheat. 
2. If you are blending hives, the double screen allows you to place one hive on top of the other for a couple of days while the bees assimilate to each other.
3. The double screen is also a great tool for stimulating a weak hive by placing it above a strong colony, where is acts as a screened lid for the lower hive,  and then placing the weak hive above the screen board, so it acts as a screened bottom board.

4. The double screen is also invaluable for safely introducing a new queen into a colony, especially if you find it difficult to find the old queen

5. Because our double screen is built for high torsional strength and durability, you can safely use it as a screen bottom board on the bottom of your hive.
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