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Bee Sex Essentials

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An excellent primer on bee reproduction essentials.  This book is a great complement to the text Increase Essentials, also by this author, Dr. Lawrence John Conner.
"Fantastic!  This book, Bee Sex Essencials, provides not only the background information necessary to understand honey bee genetics and breeding, it also contains a wealth of practical information in how you put what we know to good use.  In doing so, the book calls on every beekeeper - including YOU - to implement your own breeding program..."  -  Dr. David Tarpy, North Carolina State University
"Well Done.  A scientific book written from a beekeeper's perspective.  Easy to read and understand.  It covers all the biological facets of the honeybee, especially those associated with queen rearing.  Every beekeeper should have a copy on his desk or in his library."  -  Richard Adee, Adee Honey Farms, Bruce, SD
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