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Apivar (10 pack)

Price: $35.50
Item Number: APIV10
Apivar effectively controls Varroa mite infestations. Apivar is the only amitraz-based apiary product to treat not just one generation of Varroa mites, but several successive generations, reducing mite populations in the hive by up to 99 percent. Apivar’s controlled-release technology distributes Amitraz over a minimum six-week period, ensuring healthy and productive hives when used as directed. No evidence of resistance after more than 15 years.  Apivar’s active ingredient has not been shown to encourage bio-resistance. Apivar has been used for more than 15 years in France, and is now authorized in more than 10 other nations, including Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and many European countries. Apivar users world-wide have been unable to detect any resistance to Apivar’s active ingredient. Apivar leaves no significant residues.  No significant residues were found in honey, wax, propolis, or pollen following Apivar treatments at the recommended dosage.  Furthermore, safety studies performed by independent research centers have shown that even when hives are exposed to five times the recommended dosage,  Apivar is harmless to queens and bees, and does not leave significant residues in hive products. Conveniently packaged and easy to apply, Apivar is packaged in vacuum-sealed foil pouches. It does not require measuring, mixing, or complicated application procedures. Simply tear open the foil insert them in the brood chambers according to instructions. A single application of two strips per brood chamber is enough to treat a hive, so you spend less time and effort treating your bees and there is less disruption of the bees than with many other treatments. 
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