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8 Frame Slatted Rack

Price: $19.50
Item Number: 8FRSLRK
First developed by the famous beekeeper C.C. Miller in 1900, the slatted rack is one of our favorite products. Installed between the bottom board and the bottom brood chamber. It creates dead air space at the bottom of the brood chamber, keeping the bottom of the hive more protected, and encourages the queen to lay lower in the comb. In winter, it reduces drafts. In the spring and summer, when hive populations increase rapidly and are prone to swarming, it creates a cluster space in the hive which can reduce swarming. (Compare the two pictured hives: the left hive has no slatted rack, and the right does).  
This Slatted Rack is for an 8 Frame Hive.
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