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2-Jar Top Feeder

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Price: From $10.50 to $19.00
Top feeder, placed over hole of inner cover.  Bees come up through hole of inner cover to access feed from 2 jars. Will hold 2 standard pint or quart jars. If you use the feeder with a standard inner cover and 2 quart jars, an empty deep hive body above the inner cover will allow enough room for the feeder.  Another option would be to use the feeder above a vivaldi ventilation board, in which case an empty medium super above would allow plenty of room.

Minimal disruption to bees.  Bees contained below screen so beekeeper can replace feed easily and quickly.

Feeder does not include Jars or perforated lids, but the options to add these items are available in the drop down menu. 

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